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In my early years I was heavily involved in the magic business in England, as a performer and a magic dealer. Consequently I met a wide variety of personalities in the world of magic.

Many are big "names" who have since passed on like Tommy Cooper, David Nixon, Robert Harbin, Dai Vernon, Slydini, Lewis Ganson, Eddie Joseph ... the list goes on and on.

Others, like Paul Daniels are still going strong and do so much to promote the world of Magic, ably assisted by his beautiful wife Debbie. At some time, when I expand this site to include a little more about my experiences a magician, I will add a photo gallery of people from my "magic" years.

In the meantime I am using this page and some linked "Picture Gallery" pages to show some of my favourite pictures. These pictures will be small, to save loading time, but if you pass your mouse pointer over a picture, a larger version and some information as to when and where the picture was taken will appear without your having to leave the page. On page 9 a single mouse click will take you to a larger picture and a double click will reduce the picture to its original size.

In many instances there is an interesting story behind the picture, so I may include that too. I hope you like the selection. By the way, a "Site Search" facility is being included on this site, so you can always insert a word or a name and the search engine will provide a list of links relating to your search selection.

In some cases you will be able to pass your mouse pointer over the small picture and a larger one will appear, which makes viewing a little easier.

Try it on the picture below of Colin Farrell and John in a picture taken by Colin's sister at the end of a night shoot, December 2001, on "The Farm" which was subsequently released as "The Recruit"

Occasionally you have a day on set that sticks in your memory and that happened for me back in 2003 when we were shooting a movie called " The Big Dance "

This ultimately went to DVD after being shown as a Movie-of-the-Week where the title was changed to " D.C. 9/11: Time of Crisis " revolving around President George Bush's first visit to Ground Zero.

John Henley's website gallery, Timothy Bottoms and John Henley Bush was played by Timothy Bottoms and I had an actor role as Bob Beckwith who was a retired New York firefighter who had come down to the site to see if he could help out.

A photographer took a lot of photos, so I have devoted Gallery page 9 to this special day on set. Most of them are in, around or on top of the rubble set up to look like the fallen World Trade Centre.

So check out page 9 if you have time. There are still photos, some with gag captions, on the Internet - obviously posted by people who are not fans of George W.Bush. Ah, such is fame!


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