John Henley: Movie acting,theatre and television resume

John Henley: Movie and Theatre Resume

IMDb entries:

With respect to categorising the various roles, "Actor" roles, in movies, are considered to be less than 6 lines. "Principal" roles are 6 lines or more.

The majority of the roles marked as "Principal" are actually lead or co-lead roles.

A title in red means that there is an excerpt on the "Movie Clips" page, which can be viewed just to give you an idea of the character. Excerpts will be added to the pages from time to time so please check back for new clips.

I was also the recipient of the first Humbie "Best Actor" Award for my role in "Necessary" and received a special award from Sheridan College for my years of support and involvement with the students.


Movie Title Role Actor/
Blind Choice Older Damian Principal 2015
The Lonely The Old Man Principal 2014
Oxford Narrator Principal 2014
Edith and Vern Vern Principal 2014
The Christmas Switch Magical Advisor Crew Crowntown Pictures 2014
Sophia's Dr. Smith Principal A Diego Alvarez Production 2014
Cautionary Tales for Children Narrator Principal A Seth Tomlinson Production 2014
Whiskey Peak Jack Carson Principal A Blair Slater Production 2013
Steven Myerschmidt Bites the Big One Narrator Principal Made in Ireland Films: Canada 2012
A Man Called Richard Pratt Richard Pratt Principal A Pia Abrahams Production 2012
A Change Jeff Kennedy Principal A Megan Rusling production 2012
Evermore Harold Principal A Sarah Little production 2012
Birds of Prey Mr. Birdsworth Principal A Mina Jang Production 2011
Stiffed Frank Principal A Matt Rovet Production 2011
Ils Ecoutent Russel Principal A Haya Waseem Production 2011
Preservation Mr. Whitely Principal A Kiel Chenier Production 2010
Shakespeare Street Bum Principal A Group 12 Production 2009
Molotov Herr Truelsen Principal A Group 5 Production 2009
Gateway The Driver Co-Lead A McAlpine Production 2009
Forever Yours Charles Co-Lead A Rohan Joseph Production 2009
Stopped Clock Older Ray Principal A First N' Goal Production 2009
Suicide Sonnet Chuck Principal A Tyler Mah Production 2008
Paint Her Father Actor A Fraser Mills Production 2008
Herring Cove Road Frank Co-Lead A Brian Garvey Production 2008
Pawns Sean Pikeman Principal Made in Ireland Films:Canada 2008
Broken Wing Narrator Principal Flow Productions 2008
The Dreamtime Dr.Andrew Prelinger Principal A Damian Weston Production 2008
Odo Tipsy Cab passenger Principal Jean Desmoreaux Productions 2008
Money City Nick Davenport Principal Villagers Media 2008
Donald P.Fiery's Magic Diary Donald P. Fiery Co-Lead 2008
A Clean, Well Lighted Place The Old Waiter Co-Lead Auteur Productions 2008
HotDocs PSA Commercial The Priest Principal Steam Productions 2008
The Audience Angry cinema patron Actor RSF Productions 2008
The Deadline Ed Principal 2008
Heaven Ben Co-Lead Prodigy Productions 2008
Arthur Moore and the Lone Wolf Arthur Moore Lead Backrow Productions 2007
Moustache Men Dr. Baumgartner Principal Free Lunch Productions 2007
The Incredible Hulk William Hurt Photo Double Warner Bros. 2007
HappenChance The Magician Principal Peeping Tom productions 2007
The Problem with Juliette Narrator Principal Fuzzy Logic Productions 2007
The Tell Tale Heart Officer Stone Actor A Jessica Moyse Production 2007
The Piano Lesson Charles Principal Roundtable Films 2007
Nicotine and Gravy The Grey-haired man Principal American Genius Productions 2006
P.U.R.E. Narrator v.1 Actor Parapluie Productions 2007
Some Justin Principal You and Me Make 3 2006
Sticks and Stones Wealthy father Actor Red House Productions 2006
The Astounding Alfonzo Alfonzo Principal Unreel Films 2006
The Lost Garden of Helligan Grandfather Principal Film Lore Productions 2006
A Symphony of Love and Fear Walter Principal JNJ Productions 2006
Wholesale Burton Kemble Principal Penny Productions 2006
Death to Charlie Mr. Brown Principal Parapluie Productions 2006
A Life in the Day Of Narrator Principal A Just-in-Case Production 2006
The Crystal Doorknob Grandfather David Principal A Sheridan Productions 2005
The Funeral Frank Principal Resonance Productions 2005
Love and Hate Inc Angry Diner Principal Ragnarok Pictures 2005
Pebbles and Twiggs Mr. Twiggs Principal Sugarfoot Films 2005
Necessary Michael Hendricks Principal Mag 7 2005
The Kite The Stranger/Narrator Principal Dolce Vista International 2005
The Roycroft Narrator Principal TLC Productions 2005
Death of a Man in a Business Suit The Businessman Principal A Kania Lou Production 2005
Encounter Man in the street Actor Alexander El-Atrach Production 2005
Villain TV Interviewer Principal Riot in the Heart Productions 2005
Do Not Open Until 4082 Simon Tweedy Principal Grade 5 Productions 2004
Incipit Old Garo Principal Eye Dew Cinema 2004
Inside Dr.Paul Vicen Principal A Karah MacMillan Production 2004
Tien Detective Frank Gordon Principal A Ryerson Uni Production 2004
A Woman of Wealth and taste God Actor A Martin Buzora Production 2004
Shadows of Sin Father John Principal Power One Pictures 2004
Pointing Fingers at the Moon Giza's Father Principal Lanky Productions 2004
The Left The Doctor Principal A Dave Maharaj Production 2004
The Joke Heard Around The World Priest & Narrator Principal An Evan Jones Production 2004
The Lawnbowler Frank Mitchell Principal A Tara Toomy Production 2004
D.C. 9/11: Time of Crisis Bob Beckwith Actor A Pebblehut Production 2003
Recipe for Disaster Arlo the Angel Principal RFD Productions 2003
The Trouble with Mustard Old Mustard Principal A Lara Strachan Production 2003
Forever Changing Ways Cindy's Father Principal A Gary J. Lassalin Production 2003
The Never Prince Tom Grant Principal A Jason Wall Production 2003
The Root Terry Principal Triumph Films 2003
Bittersweet Narrator Principal Chocolate Muse Productions 2003
The Waiting Room The Host Principal Electric Sheep Productions 2003
Laura's Weapon Mr. Thatcher Principal A Marco Pazzano Production 2002
Stalker Grandfather Actor A Vinit Borrison Production 2002
Awoken Bruce Principal Full Action Productions 2002

Own Productions

Movie Title Tech Role Actor/
Production Company Year
The Intimmydator D.O.P and Editor Co-creator Bangers & Beavertails Production 2006
Toques Off .... Stetsons On Narrator and Editor Co-writer Half Cut Productions 2005


Play Title Role Actor/
Theatre Year
The Package Deal Dr. Eugene Kindermacher Principal Tarragon Theatre, Toronto 2006
Murder at the Vicarage Rev. Len Clement Principal Dundas Little Theatre 2002
A Streetcar Named Desire Doctor Actor Village Theatre, Waterdown 2000
Arcadia Richard Noakes Actor Village Theatre, Waterdown 2000
Cabaret 25 The Magician Principal Village Theatre, Waterdown 1997
See How They Run Rev. Lionel Toop Principal The Aldershot Players 1993


T.V. Programme Title Role Actor/
Broadcaster Year
Magic Minutes John Henley Magician Cable 14, Hamilton 1987
The Bookshelf John Henley Principal Burlington Cablenet 1986
Hey Presto! It's Rolf! Chinese Magician Fu Ling Yu B.B.C. 1966


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