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John Henley: Movie actor When I first became an ACTRA Apprentice, one of the ways to get a credit towards the 6 required for full membership, was to take a course called ACTRAworks.

This course taught the basic ins and outs of the movie industry and, amongst the practical work, there was some front-of-camera acting and, one evening, a trip to a sound studio.

There we were able to stand in a soundproof box and read/present various short commercials. Of all the segments of the course, I enjoyed this one the most. I have always liked reading stories and have often been told that I have a good voice for narration.

Shortly after the course was completed, I contacted a friend who had a small sound studio in his home, and we put together the clip that you can hear on this page. If you also went through the same course, you might recognise some of the material used!

Just use the Start, Stop and Pause buttons.

Since then I have been fortunate to have been the narrator on or in 8 short movies and also for an audio book.

In due course I shall add snippets of these to this page but, for the moment, suffice it to say that I am available for union jobs requiring narrations or voice-overs, particularly if you want a British accent!.

These can include:

  • Movies
  • Video game characters
  • Animation
  • Storytelling for children
  • Audio books
  • Commercial narrations

The "Contact Me" page will provide information that you may require.


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