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Lolita Davidavitch
John Henley's website gallery, Lolita DavidavitchJohn Henley's website gallery, Lolita Davidavitch

"The Judge"
January 2001.

Lolita was not having a good day as she was unwell during the shoot but persevered. She came over to my table to take it easy for a few minutes and was happy to pose for this picture. A charming lady.

Chris Noth
John Henley's website gallery, Chris NothJohn Henley's website gallery, Chris Noth

"The Judge"
July 2000.

Rebecca Gayheart
John Henley's website gallery, Rebecca GayheartJohn Henley's website gallery, Rebecca Gayheart

"Harvard Man"
January 2001.

In the background you can see the bleachers where I and hundreds of other people were seated watching a basketball match.

The climax of the movie was that the "hero", a young student, had to dribble his way past all members of the opposing team and sink the final basket, scoring a last minute winning point.

As the kid dribbled up the court we had to cheer him on and then as he closes in on the basket.... he shoots....he misses! So the shot was done again, and again and again.

Unbelievably, bearing in mind that no-one was actually going to prevent him from scoring, he couldn't. After 13 takes,and 13 missed shots, the director called it a day, and who could blame him.

I was meant to be working on "Who is Cletis Tout?" that day but casting had overbooked, so they sent me to "Harvard Man" instead. Glad they did otherwise I would not have met Rebecca.

Eric Stoltz
John Henley's website gallery, Eric StoltzJohn Henley's website gallery, Eric Stoltz

"Harvard Man"
January 2001.

Rebecca Gayheart
John Henley's website gallery, Rebecca GayheartJohn Henley's website gallery, Rebecca Gayheart

"Harvard Man"
January 2001.

Rebecca has a big following on the Internet and one can see why. A charming young lady with a great smile.

Jill Hennessy
John Henley's website gallery, Jill HennessyJohn Henley's website gallery, Jill Hennessy

"Women of Camelot"

I really like this photograph. It was my first day ever on a movie set (I played the role of a German General) and a shoot was going on close by where a Greek marketplace had been set up.

I knew the story was about the Kennedy women, so guessed that this would be Jackie Kennedy at some point before she married Jack Kennedy.

When that scene was over Jill came walking towards me and I asked if I might take her picture. I had no idea who she was. She was quite happy to pose for me and unless she sees this page, she will never know what a kick I got out of meeting her, albeit briefly.

Maybe that is why I have been such a big fan of "Crossing Jordan". This is my very first movie star picture of a beautiful Canadian actress.


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